How To Travel Distance Using The Kinetic Ore in Fortnite

Fortnite players who want to travel using Kinetic Ore need to know where to find it, how to interact with it, and how to travel long distances.

Kinetic Ore is a blue rock-like element that the player can move fortniteKinetic Ore recently appeared in Chapter 4 Season 1. fortnite‘s popular Battle Royale mode is one of the title’s three different game modes, all sharing the same general gameplay and game engine. So it should come as no surprise that the game’s latest season brings players tons of new quests, earnable character skins, and modes of transportation, including his elusive Kinetic Ore.

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A player who masters moving over Kinetic Ore Doing so will allow you to complete the weekly quest.Quests that require players fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1~”Distance traveled using Kinetic OreThe first stage is cleared after 50 meters, unlocking the next step. Players who want to complete this quest will need to know where Kinetic Ore is located, how to manipulate it, and how to place it. So you can travel the longest possible distances.

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Where to find Kinetic Ore in Fortnite

Fortnite player looking at Kinetic Ore

According to Youtube channel Comrad3s, first fortnite Players wishing to complete the Kinetic Ore Journey quest must track down one of these mysterious stones.After the player travels shattered slab or selected as the landing site fortnitethey can try to find Kinetic Ore, which is clearly recognizable by its deep blue color. The easiest way to move around is by using the Harvest Tool.

Once the player has selected a kinetic ore, it must be hit several times with a harvesting tool. Players will find that attacking Kinetic Ore does not yield materials like other structures. So you don’t have to worry about destroying Kinetic Ore. fortnite, the ore appears more purple in color and emits a ray of propulsive energy in the direction the player was looking while attacking the ore. After reaching this point, the player can mount the ore and climb into an energy ray, causing the kinetic ore to take off in the direction indicated by the ray.

While flying, the player is blown out of Kinetic Ore. fortnite Immediately upon contact with the ground or other structures. To avoid this, the player can control the direction the ore is propelled to ensure it flies the maximum distance. fortniteFor example, players should crouch down and attack the highest point they can reach with Ore, instead of looking directly at Ore. Doing so will increase the verticality of the ore’s jump, allowing the player riding it to cover as much distance as possible, allowing the “Distance Traveled Using Kinetic Ore” quest to be completed as quickly as possible. .

Fortnite - Ore Location

This means that Kinetic Ore can only be found in and around one of the Shattered Slabs. fortnitenamed place. Therefore, a player wishing to locate a Kinetic Ore and travel long distances should attack the Kinetic Ore with a pickaxe. fortnite until they can take off. The player in this way he must travel 50 meters to complete the first stage of the “Distance Traveled Using Kinetic Ore” quest.

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Source: YouTube/Comrad3s

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