How To Let Go Of Negative Feelings During Your Life’s Travels

How To Let Go Of Negative Feelings During Your Life’s Travels

I have also noted that every time I travel to different places and enter one county to the other, I am always greeted with a big sign that says “Welcome” and in Bishop, there is a big poster that says ‘Welcome to Bishop’. TIP: If you see a sign like this, you need not only ask yourself what’s in town but it is a reminder that you have to welcome things and situations in your life as fully as you can. To help you with this, you can watch the video trailer from lettinggo.tv.

We happen to pass a small WWII Japanese-American historical site called Manzanar and as we were passing that place, I got this smug feeling about the place. The feeling was so familiar that I started to imagine my father working as a pilot at the Pacific. I also imagined our Japanese neighborhood gardener and both memories made me smile. On the other hand, I was also feeling sad as my memory reminded me that WWII deprived a lot of families from fathers because they have to fight in the war. Although these are just memories from the past but it made a deep personal impression on me and that I was also able feel sad about other people too. TIP: The different places that we pass by during out travels remind us of some familiar memories from our past.

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