House Republican calls McCarthy ‘part of the swamp cartel’

On Monday, Rep. Bob Goode (R-VA) called House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) “part of the swamp cartel,” calling McCarthy a move ahead of tomorrow’s vote. He vowed not to support the presidency.

Goode told Fox News’ Griff Jenkins on “Fox & Friends” that he was going to follow the will of the voters. Goode is one of at least five Republicans who directly said or indicated they would not support McCarthy’s presidency.

Goode said he was judging McCarthy for what he did as House Minority Leader and did “nothing” to win votes.

“There is nothing to suggest that he will change his pattern since his leadership as part of the Swamp Cartel,” he said.

Goode blamed McCarthy as the reason the House passed a “massive” omnibus bill to fund the government last month.

“As for Kevin McCarthy, whether he brings the change needed in Washington, the change needed in Congress, the fight against the Biden Schumer agenda, or the fact that he brings us to Washington to bring about real change. There is nothing to represent or represent the interests of the voters sent to,” he said.

With Republicans holding a small majority in the House, McCarthy can afford to win the House Speaker by losing only four votes in the first ballot when the next session of Congress begins on Tuesday.

McCarthy has been trying to solidify Republican support in recent weeks, but it remains unclear whether he will get enough votes to become chairman.

He made several concessions in the House rule package released Sunday. This included a rule allowing five Republicans to motion to vacate the chair. Lower the required threshold.

The rule also creates a special subcommittee on “weaponizing the federal government,” as many Republicans are calling for several investigations into the Biden administration to be launched.

Goode expects 10 to 15 Republicans to fail to vote for McCarthy on the first ballot and be forced to vote a second time, potentially resulting in the emergence of “true” conservatives. said. Goode did not say who the conservatives were.

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