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Traveling between China’s Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) just got easier as “dynamic zero COVID” becomes more confined to history than ever before.

As of December 23, 2022, the following quarantine regulations apply to those entering Macau from outside Hong Kong or mainland China:

  • Travelers must present a negative nucleic acid test issued within 72 hours when boarding a flight, ferry or bus to Macau.

  • Travelers to Macau will receive a yellow code on the Macau Health Code app upon arrival and will be able to carry out “normal life” in Macau (check-in to hotels, visit casinos/shopping malls, eat at restaurants/bars, etc.). )You can do. .

  • Yellow people are required to take a self-test once a day for the first five days in Macau and upload the results to the Macao Health Code app. If any of the test results are negative, the user will be issued a red code and must undergo home quarantine. Users who return five consecutive negative results will be issued a green code.

  • After arriving in Macau, travelers are not restricted as to when they can exit the SAR, except when traveling to mainland China. In that case, you have to wait 9 days.

Visitors to Macau do not have to undergo centralized quarantine after arriving in the Special Administrative Region.

Bus services between Hong Kong and Macau via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge will resume on Saturday 24 December 2022. Return flights operate between Prince Edward in Hong Kong and Macau’s northernmost Peninsula territory and southernmost island of Taipa.

Those living in mainland China can also easily travel to Macau.

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In addition, it has become easier to enter and leave Hong Kong these days.

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how about taiwan?

Since 2001, direct ferry services have greatly facilitated travel between mainland China and parts of Taiwan.

The routes linking Xiamen, Fujian to Kinmen Island, and Fuzhou, Fujian to Matsu Island have made it easier for residents of Taiwan and mainland China to conduct business, family visits and tourism.

Due to COVID-19, the route has been suspended since February 2020.

are they going to come back?

I’m not sure yet. But Zhu Feng Lian, a spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Secretariat, said on his Dec. 22 that he would “do not disturb” the route’s reopening.

Zhu acknowledged that this route would help enable engagement between mainland China and Taiwan, especially during the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays.

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