Holiday travel impacted by winter weather

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Milwaukee (CBS 58) — Travelers who visit Milwaukee’s intermodal station find themselves rearranging their travel plans to ensure they reach their vacation destination.

“We were supposed to leave on Friday, but we decided to leave today because of what the weather was going to do,” said Michael Kelly of Illinois.

“I’m going to Chicago to see my sister,” said Milwaukee resident Rick Zepeda. day, but I’m happy because I got to spend an extra day with my family and everything.”

Zepeda was out of town on an Amtrak train that left Milwaukee at 11 a.m. Thursday. He said the company has reached out to passengers to inform them that some trips will be canceled due to high winds hitting the Midwest.

Another traveler named Matt said he decided to take a bus from Chicago to Milwaukee because he left earlier than his Amtrak schedule for the day.

“I was supposed to arrive on Friday, but I wanted to avoid the storm and everything. I didn’t want to be at the airport for 12 hours,” he said.

He sped up his trip to avoid the weather, but told CBS 58 that he found himself still stuck at the Phoenix airport waiting for a delayed flight to Illinois.

Amtrak has canceled several trips from Milwaukee to Chicago due to bad weather. Travelers are advised to check train and bus schedules in advance in case of delays or cancellations.

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