Here’s How Ford Wants The Range In Electric Cars To Improve In Harsh Winters

It is very natural for electric vehicles including ford, manages a shorter range than usual due to the colder temperatures. To prepare for long winter commutes, a better alternative to using the vehicle’s battery is to allow a customer to preheat his EV battery and cabin using electricity from a charger. is important.

If you happen to own an EV and live in a cold country, follow Ford’s guide to keeping your car running comfortably in the winter. Cold temperatures are never a good thing for an electric car. This is because the range is hampered and the performance of power delivery and charging speed is further reduced.

According to the Norwegian Automobile Federation, research has found that EVs charge relatively slowly under these conditions, losing on average nearly 20% of their range.

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Ford Offers Important Advice to Electric Vehicle Owners


America is a freezing place in the winter. Cold temperatures limit battery power in both affordable EVs and high-end models. If you need to keep your car warm, power will do it. It also ensures that the windows are defrosted during the cold season.

your pretreatment 2022 Ford Mustang Mach E Also 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pick Truck Preheat the high voltage battery to the optimum temperature. Maximize range by powering with a charger and saving battery power for when you need it on the go.

Setting the departure time is the first step in preconditioning the vehicle. It can be done from the FordPass app or from the EV sync screen. Once in the driver’s seat, tap the “Home” button on the sync screen.

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Then select ‘Charging’ and press the departure and comfort buttons. Then adjust the day of the week, time, and cabin temperature to the optimum. More importantly, don’t forget to save your settings.

This can also be done through the FordPass app. First, open the app, find the vehicle tab at the bottom of your smartphone screen, and tap Departure Time. next,[出発を追加]Choose. You can then adjust the time of day, day of the week and cabin temperature.

FordPass app is very informative

Red 2022 Ford Mach E FordPass App

You can set the charge level with the help of the Ford Pass app. Open it and return to the vehicle tab that appears at the bottom of the screen. Then click Charge, then select the pricing dropdown. Then click “Priority charging time”.

Click the location you want to manage and use the slide bar to adjust the charge level. You can also change the charging time from the screen. Save your settings again.

After setting the charging time, connect the EV. With the FordPass app, you’ll receive notifications to let you know if your vehicle has reached your set temperature. This allows you to drive worry-free without consuming unnecessary battery power.

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Tips for running your Ford EV in the winter

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All-electric vehicles should be parked in a garage or other sunny location to preheat the battery. EV batteries are configured to maintain a certain temperature and use electricity to warm them up when the temperature drops.

Make sure the battery has at least 20% of its maximum capacity before you start driving. This is because you may need spares to reheat the battery later. It also leaves the heater on at a low level instead of turning it on and off. This helps save energy.

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As the temperature drops, air enters the contract, which reduces tire pressure, further increasing rolling resistance and potentially reducing range. Early and slow braking saves energy from the EV’s motion by picking it up as electricity. Most electric vehicles allow you to adjust the level of regenerative braking, another way to save energy.

The transmission can be put in neutral without slowing down, and the inertia of the vehicle can be used to move farther without using energy. Before buying an EV, you should do your homework, including its benefits and challenges. Follow what we have listed as it is sure to help you maximize range and charge time.

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