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Hazardous and snowy travel south of Pueblo along I-25 and west over La Veta Pass

Hazardous and snowy travel south of Pueblo along I-25 and west over La Veta Pass

Hazardous and snowy travel south of Pueblo along I-25 and west over La Veta Pass

Forecast for today:
Last night it snowed in the southern Pueblo along the Palmer Divide and Raton Mesa!

For most people in the Pikes Peak area, this was light snow, with a bit of snow from Woodland Park to Monument to Falcon to the Black Forest.

The heaviest snowfall will continue along I-25 south of Pueblo, from the city of Colorado through Trinidad and west of La Beta Pass. This is where you’ll see the build-up at least until lunchtime.

The snow stopped in the afternoon, but the wind was strong and the cold continued all day.

Forecast for Colorado Springs: High: 37; low: 19. Cloudy, windy, cold with a patchy wind in the morning. The afternoon will be dry and the sun will return by the end of the day. Gusts, especially he will reach 30-40 mph in the first half of the day.

Pueblo Forecast: High: 43; low: 15. Cloudy, windy, and cold all day, with just one or two snow flakes in the morning. Dry and cold for most of today, with gusty winds abating in the afternoon.

Canon City Forecast: high: 43; low: 21. Cloudy, breezy, cold, dry daytime conditions. In the afternoon, the wind is expected to weaken and there will be more sunny days.

Woodland Park Forecast: high: 28; low: 15. After overnight snowfall, many roads in Teller County are covered in light snow and ice. Light snow showers and light rain can be seen early in the morning, but cold, windy and dry for most of the day.

Three lakes forecast: high: 30s; low: 10 seconds. Last night’s snow shower brought light snow across Palmer Lake, Monument, Woodmoor and the Black Forest. We will see more storms in the morning, but no additional accumulation is expected this morning. It will be windy and cold all day.

Plain forecast: high: Forties; low: 10 seconds. Snow will continue this morning south of Highway 50 and west near I-25, but most of the plains east of I-25 will remain dry, windy and cold.

Walsenburg and Trinidad predictions: high: 30s; low: 10 seconds. Heavy snow began to fall just after midnight and most of the roads in the area are now covered in snow. Snow continues to pile up along Interstate 25 from Colorado City to Trinidad, and from at least 10 a.m. today until 11 a.m. he heads west over the Laveta Pass. The afternoon will be dry, but it will be windy and cold in the evening.

Mountain Forecast: High: 20’s; low: 10 seconds. Wet and Sangre de Cristos show smooth mountain driving from snow at night and early morning. La Veta Pass and Raton Pass are two of his areas that require special attention when traveling on vacation.

Forecast long-term prospects:
Clouds clear tonight, and temperatures will drop by 10 degrees by Friday morning, making it very cold. If not treated with thaw and salt, anywhere you saw wet pavement with snow today could quickly freeze tonight.

Friday afternoon will be really nice with clear skies and highs bouncing across the plains into the 50s. Saturday will be really warm and windy with highs in the east of the mountain he’ll be in the 60’s!

A cold front will move in on Saturday night and Sunday will be windy and chilly.

The next chance of snow is next Tuesday, and heavy snow is possible in and around the mountains.

Interested in the First Alert 5 Weather Storm Impact Scale? Check out the cheat sheet instructions.

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