Giants’ Landon Collins recaptures his 2016 form

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The New York Giants are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2016. At the end of the second quarter, his one player of 2016 was able to recapture some of that magic. Veteran Landon Collins read his falls, short broke his pass, and from the sideline he stole a pass from 52 yards out, and he broke the game 21–6.

Collins, a three-time Pro Bowler as a member of the Giants, finally had the opportunity to make an impact where he always wanted after some negative feelings towards the previous administration.

“This is a great opportunity. Like I said before, I’m happy to be back. It’s just a blessing to be back in the locker room with them and enjoy playing ball,” Collins said. increase. We have a chance, we made sure we had a chance to win the playoffs, we won the playoffs and now we are doing our job. “

Collins has been waiting for another chance to make impact play for the team he left in 2019. After his five weeks without promotion, Collins was free after leaving his agency before getting the chance to face a signed team again, cementing his place on the subsequently active roster.

With a defense of this young Giants, many of whom have no playoff experience, veteran leadership can provide key insight into what to expect.

“The sense of urgency goes through the roof.” Collins said of how the postseason feels.

The experience Collins brought was crucial in making one of the biggest plays of the game against the Colts. Making his first start of the season, Collins sent home a pass intended for Paris Campbell that sent MetLife Stadium into a frenzy. A veteran’s study of the game made all the difference in its play.

“Regarding formations, like I said, I’m a big formation kind of guy.”

After the play, the entire defense could be seen celebrating their moment with Landon Collins. That sense of togetherness has been a big part of the culture this staffer has been trying to build throughout the season.

“The cohesiveness, the solidity of this team, the family orientation of this team, and the way everyone holds themselves accountable, and we hold each other accountable,” Collins said. I stick with all the old stuff because that’s what it’s like.”

A highlight of that family spirit was rookie linebacker Kavon Thibodeau cornering the ball after Collins gave it up in the end zone to celebrate with the fans.

“He has to go get the ball because it’s part of his history,” said Thibodeau. I had to make sure he got it. “

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