Game Recap: Saints 20, Eagles 10

Saints 13, Eagles 10 – 0:45 remaining

• The third quarter ends with a 16-yard pass on the cross route to Trautman and a 7-yard pass by Kamala to the Saints’ 48-yard line.

• The defense rallied to stop Hill with a direct snap, and Graham scored his second sack of the day to force a punt.

• Minshew hits Goedert 15 yards on the first play of the drive. On the next play, Minshew hit a Boston Scott in the left flat for what appeared to be a 22-yard gain. In the third and 15th, Minshew tried to fit in a back shoulder throw to Brown along the left flank, but he was incomplete.

• Saints take over at 12:03, leaving 32 to go. Lamczyk has been downgraded to out by the Saints due to his hip injury. Reddick recorded his second sack of the day in an eight-yard loss, placing him third and 18th. Center McCoy started 3rd down, 3rd and he finished 23rd. The Saints called a tie on his third down and the Eagles got the ball back.

• The Eagles take over on their own 41 with 10:01 remaining. After Sanders gained a yard, Minshew connected with Smith on a 5-yard pass. On third down, Saunders set up a four-and-one in midfield. The Eagles tried to sneak into Minshew, but he was refused. The Saints take over with 8:32 remaining.

• Flicker of failed fleas! The Eagles tried to get Hill at quarterback, but their receiving options were exhausted, and Milton Williams and Damkong Su came up with the sacks! and must throw it away. The Eagles got the ball back at his 9-yard line in their own half with 6:07 left.

• Pick 6 from Marshon Lattimore. The cornerback shorts his pass, which he beats AJ Brown, and an interception he returns 12 yards for a touchdown.

Saints 20, Eagles 10 – 5:27 remaining

• On the 3rd and 10th, the ball needed to be moved and Minshew went 28 yards over Smith’s middle, but on the next play Minshew was sacked for the sixth of the afternoon, this time by Jordan. On 3rd and 17th, Minshew’s pass to Gedelt was nearly picked off by Paulson Adebo. On the fourth down, Jacques Driscoll got off to a false start. His Minshew pass to Smith on 4th down was far from a stick. The Saints take over with 3:35 left.

• The Saints have run out of clocks to end the game.

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