Food Pouches Are The Ultimate On-The-Go Snack Hack For Adults

Food pouches are the ultimate on-the-go snack hack for adults

Who remembers when the internet was buzzing about a ‘baby food diet’? It was reportedly ‘created’ by star Tracy Anderson’s fitness trainer and was popular among her celebrity clients . As you might have guessed, that includes eating baby food. Anderson denied telling clients to eat baby food instead of “real food.” I am now a working parent with limited parenting. I can confidently say that baby food saved the day many times.

So far we’ve added Gerber applesauce and sugar options.There are literally countless fresh farm-fresh protein and fiber-rich options made with clean ingredients with no added sugar. You can push a stroller, drive a car, attend a meeting, drink or eat a pouch with one hand. Of course, that’s not ideal, and I wish I could sit down and have a cultural lunch of grilled vegetables and fish, but that’s not always realistic. What’s wrong with eating in shape?

These days there are yogurt pouches, granola pouches, and even salmon and beef options.

Click through the slideshow for inspiration the next time you’re looking for a quick snack on the go.

  • Pakit


    First of all, housekeeping. Some of the best food pouches require refrigeration or refrigeration after opening, but PACKIT’s Freezable Snack Bags keep your pouches as fresh as possible. Throw in a pouch or three and go for the day.

  • Once Upon A Farm

    Once Upon A Farm

    In addition to being farm-to-table, Once Upon a Farm has unique options such as overnight oats. For when you’re not on the go, their website is full of great recipes that incorporate pouches. That good.

  • little spoon

    little spoon

    When it comes to originality, Little Spoon is the best. Some of the delicious, one-of-a-kind options include the Banana His Bread with Creamy Tahini (seeds + mil tahini as well) and the Purple Carrot Acai Bowl with Chia.

  • Holle Organic

    Holle Organic

    Holle Organic sources all ingredients directly from European manufacturers. Perhaps that’s the special touch that makes these unsweetened/unsalted options so delicious. HiPP is also made by the same parent company, Organic’s Best, and there are many variations.

  • Ithaca hummus

    Ithaca hummus

    Fruits, vegetables, and oats aren’t the only things available in pouch form.Thanks to Ithaca Hummus, we’ve also created a variety of iterations of hummus! is.

  • happy family organic

    happy family organic

    If you’re looking for options with fiber and protein, Happy Family Organics pouches clearly state how much is in each serving.

  • mama bear organic

    mama bear organic

    Mama Bear Organic has some great breakfast options that include both unsweetened yogurt and fruit.

  • Serenity


    Thanks to Serenity, you can eat beef, chicken and salmon on the go. It may sound a little gross, but it’s not. Blended with vegetables, it tastes amazing.

  • beach nut

    beach nut

    In addition to fruit and vegetable options, Beechnut also has a granola blend.

  • 365 by Whole Foods Market

    365 by Whole Foods Market

    Without the added sugar fruit pouches, Whole Foods Market’s 365 offers exceptional value considering it’s organic.

  • peter rabbit organics

    peter rabbit organics

    Peter Rabbit Organics is another great organic option.

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