Food banks need is up while donations are down

Food banks are currently facing a difficult math. Needs are rising again, but donations are declining.

South Florida has had a recent spate of pandemics, inflation and hurricanes Ian and Nicole.

Paco Vélez of Feeding South Florida said: “There’s a growing need. An extra $5 here and an extra $10 there is very important to our family.”

In Minnesota, Alison O’Toole of Second Harvest Heartland Foodbank said the number of people going to the pantry has increased by more than 40%.

“Then I learned from Google that ‘grocery near me’ was in the top 10 searches in our area,” she said. “It’s never happened before”

However, O’Toole said donations of money and food are declining. “This is especially true for protein donations, which he is one of the most requested items on the pantry.”

Food banks need to buy more food because food donations are declining, O’Toole said. And, like the people they serve, they earn less for their money.

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