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About this blog: For many years I have been drawn to food for good and bad reasons. From my eating disorder to culinary school on the East Coast, food has been my passion, my profession and my nemesis. I’m a sugar addict, a 17 year vegetarian, food and en… (details)

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Happy New Year Food Party!I hope your December was filled with good food and friends. New Year’s Eve has been the busiest holiday season (work-wise) in years, so we didn’t see much here. That said, it’s a welcome sign that small businesses are back post-Corona. I am grateful.

This January we have two plans:

1. Food party! Book Group returns with Food Fight, Dan Imhoff’s citizen guide to the next Food and Farm Bill. We start reading this book in the middle of the month.

The Farm Bill, which is passed approximately every four to five years, is key to how food is grown, distributed and eaten in the United States. Programs include crop insurance, access to healthy food for low-income people (SNAP and food stamps), farmer training, sustainable agriculture, and more. The current Farm Bill was enacted in December 2018 and expires in September 2023. We will continue that review of this book from 2018 this season.

The ultimate goal of reading the book is to learn about the Farm Bill, how it may or may not help you eat healthier, why we should pay more attention, and here Those who wish to go one step further can contact their representatives in Congress to advocate for improvements to the bill. Maybe we go as a group? Please join us and read on. Get the book from your library or order it online. We’ll talk more about this project in a couple of weeks.

2. If you’ve ever had a food party! With us for a while, you know a group of friends. Last year was an enlightening year. We reviewed many new non-alcoholic products and realized my real nemesis was sugar.

Sugar – A Bigger Sinner Than Wine?

Our group decided to start over with more flexibility this year. Dry he is a weekday version, like January. Decide what works for you and learn together about our eating and drinking habits.

3. Whether you DJ with us or not, there’s something to look forward to at the end of January. Food party!am a big fan of Genex, the original California grape – an annual celebration of Zinfandel. A three-day wine and food extravaganza that attracts wine lovers from all over the world, ZinEx is one of the only festivals devoted to a single grape variety and happens to be my absolute favorite. This traditional San Francisco event includes an Opening Night Dinner, Flight Tasting Seminar, Winemaker’s Auction and Dinner, Grand Tasting, and features more than 70 of his wineries from various California wine regions.

Photo by Zinex

ZinEX 2023
January 26-28
Grand Tasting January 28
One Market Pavilion, San Francisco
Click here for details.

Photos by LSIC unless otherwise noted

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