Dog Falling Asleep With Food In His Mouth Is All Too Relatable

We have all been there before.

The holidays flew by, and the only thing we really remember is how full we felt after each good meal. Even after, we’re still doing it. And we’ll still be back for more.

That’s why this video from TikTok user @virginiajacques makes us feel like we’re being watched. This TikToker of her captured a very hilarious moment when her golden retriever went to sleep with food in her mouth. And honestly, it’s too relatable!

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LOL! This is what it feels like at the dinner table after a feast, barely awake, but trying so hard because you want to keep eating. “I’m glad I’m not the only one,” said @snerixx. Oh you are definitely not alone!

Honestly, it’s a pretty smart move for this dog, as bread is often the first thing taken away at dinner. he was saving it for later. smile! Or, as @brenbreez wrote, “You never know when hunger strikes.” This was his emergency stash! @user623655152 added, “I mean someone who eats bread for a snack later and doesn’t take a nap.” actually!

“Me in Olive Garden with breadsticks,” commented @frogalicious82. Ha! I took some Olive Garden breadsticks home. Guilty as charged!

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