Does Link Building still important?

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If you had gone to all those involved in the SEO of your site for the past few years, the possibility that the link building has become an important part of your overall online marketing strategy.

This is because Google always places importance on how many external sites link back to you, as a determinant of how relevant and important your website is in your niche.×90&!4&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=w1Rvwp9Ww9&p=https%3A//

However, with increasing sophistication fixes Google website ranking, had some talk that link building is not that important. But does this really happen? Google’s goal in recent years has created a ranking algorithm that is more real, so that the legitimate site with quality, relevant content is always higher rank for some search terms.

Algorithm changes is gently rolling, and will likely continue to do so, which means that sometimes, link building for its own sake will be more important than other factors.

That not to say that there will never be a time when the external links is not going to help your ranking. Instead, it’s always good when people talk about your products and services online, but as the search engines get smarter, intentionally placed links will result in fewer and fewer prizes , and maybe even make you penalized.

It’s a better idea to focus on creating content that will prompt organic links, based on how helpful and powerful what you say. The sheer volume of links is now more important than having a higher quality links, and search engines like Google is getting better at ensuring that only the link “real” and which ones produce.

In other words, if you can build a network of links through the organic and the quality of the content, which will hold more weight than if you have hundreds of links to “set” is based on link exchange or link building strategy is more deliberate.

Google’s goal has always been to provide the best, most relevant search results, and over time, your best bet for high rankings is to be the best and most relevant.

High to quality, authoritative content always and will always be king, and those who try to cheat the system with trying to produce the appearance of the authorities will find themselves becoming more successful as search engines become more sophisticated in their ranking methods.

What steps do you take to ensure that your online presence reflects your authority in your niche?

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