Doctors encourage people to get tested if feeling ill after holiday travel

WACO, Texas — The number of flu and novel coronavirus cases has spiked recently.

As many people return to work, health professionals warn to get tested if they don’t feel well.

KXXV spoke with a doctor about detecting illnesses that may require appropriate treatment.

Tierika Carr wasn’t feeling well around Christmas.

Carr says: I couldn’t even walk with HEB, so my grandmother thought it was a sinus, but I also thought it was streptococcus, so it turned out to be covid.

Carr didn’t do it by chance with his self-diagnosis, went to the doctor, and ended up with COVID.

Disease is rampant as 113 million Americans travel for the 2022 holidays.

If you are traveling on vacation and you are not feeling 100%, your doctor will recommend that you get tested.

Dr. David Winter of Baylor Scott & White said: There are effective drugs for COVID-19, but not for influenza, so getting the diagnosis right is important and symptoms tend to overlap. ”

According to Dr. Winter, the number of flu and novel coronavirus infections is surging.

There is an increasing need to know what disease you have.

“It’s important to test when you can. Now there are over-the-counter COVID tests available, and they help in rapid testing,” said Winter.

“Many clinics can test for it and the flu, so if you have any questions, get tested so you can get specific treatment to help you recover faster.”

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