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Digital modelling key in designing Euro 7 compliant cars

Digital modelling key in designing Euro 7 compliant cars

New draft Euro 7 emissions standards announced, although negotiations are ongoing.Once the final version is complete It has been agreed and will be implemented in 2025. As part of the process, tThe European Commission (EC) has brought together emissions experts from across Europe to independently assess the shortfalls in existing car and truck emission standards. This group, the Ultra-Low Emissions Consortium (CLOVE), was asked to propose new emission limits and tests based on what is economically and technically feasible.

According to the European Union for Transport and the Environment, automakers are vehemently opposed to CLOVE’s proposal, lobbying against tougher Euro 7 emission standards and redesigning cars. If the auto industry succeeds in undermining Euro 7, Europe risks putting about 100 million more high-pollution vehicles on public roads over the decade from 2025 to 2035, the federal government warns. .

Emissions during actual operation

“What is surprising about the Euro 7 proposal is not the level of tightening, but the extent to which the real-world driving emissions (RDE) envelope has been extended,” said Professor Richard Burke of the Institute for Advanced Vehicle Propulsion Systems (IAAPS). said. IAAPS is a new powertrain research and innovation center owned by the University of Bath.

By improving existing technology, limits can be met significantly

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