Delhi Woman Death: Woman’s Body Dragged, Cop Car Didn’t Even Try…: Eyewitness To NDTV

Anjali Singh was dragged by a car when she was riding a scooty in West Delhi.

New Delhi:

When the body of a young woman was dragged on a Delhi road for an hour and a half under a car that had been hit by a scooty, witnesses tracked it down and called police more than 20 times for a ‘vehicle making repeated U-turns’. . Drive on the same stretch.

“I told the PCR (police control room) van and pointed at the car, but they didn’t even try to catch it,” Deepak Dahiya, owner of a local sweet shop, told NDTV. rice field.

Anjali Singh, 20, was on a scooter in West Delhi when a car struck her and dragged her nearly 12 kilometers.

Disturbing CCTV footage confirmed eyewitness accounts of a car dragging a dead body.

“The store opened at 3:18 am. Suddenly I heard a noise coming from a gray car near the store. When I woke up, it was a corpse. I was naked, but there was a black cloth underneath.”

Dahiya said he immediately dialed the police emergency number 112 and reported the car and the body.

“I didn’t know if it was a woman, a man or a child. I told them there was a body stuck under the car but it was constantly moving,” he said.

Mr. Dahiya was in contact with the police for 90 minutes. During that time, the car made three U-turns and returned to the scene with its body trapped under its undercarriage.

At the third turn, the body was released from the car and fell onto the road.

“I also turned to catch up with the car. A police van was following me.The car was going 20km/h across the police van.It was driving in the area.But the PCR didn’t even try to catch it. They ignored me,” said Dahiya.

Police said the body was found in such a bad condition that clothes and skin had been stripped off.

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