Delaware could ban sales of gas-powered cars by 2035

Emissions from vehicle tailpipes remain high despite improvements from power plants and industrial pollutants.

“The American Lung Association continues to give Newcastle County a fail every year,” Gray said. “Therefore, further reductions are needed to protect our health, especially in communities located near major highways. These communities are likely to experience a higher health burden from transport-related emissions. much more likely.”

As part of an effort to bring the state’s standards in line with California’s, Delaware will gradually require electric vehicles to be sold at auto dealerships across the state.

Under the proposed requirements, the state expects gasoline vehicle sales to fall from over 800,000 in 2026 to less than 600,000 by 2035. According to forecasts, sales of zero-emission vehicles will increase to more than 300,000 units by 2035.

The regulations will not affect the cars currently on the road, only new ones will be sold.

“If you currently own a petrol or diesel vehicle, you are not required to comply with this program,” said Gray. “The zero-emission vehicle program element applies to car manufacturers. If you continue to own and drive a petrol or diesel vehicle, continue to register it. [the] DMV, like you’re already doing.

The plan has generated mixed reactions at virtual public workshops in recent weeks.

“I’m very pleased,” said Cindy Johnson of Wilmington, “I’m really excited to learn about the plan at a recent workshop.” I really look forward to seeing improvements, because it’s not fair that these vulnerable people, whether children or the elderly, suffer from preventable diseases.”

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