D.C.-area forecast: Crashing temperatures, biting winds and some slick spots

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* wind report Friday 8am to 2pm | wind chill warning Friday 4pm to Saturday 10am*

8:15 a.m. — Arctic front on your doorstep

A major long-awaited cold front is heading westward through Interstate 81 early this morning.

7:15 a.m. — Arctic front on your doorstep

A major long-awaited cold front is heading westward through Interstate 81 early this morning. Before that, we are seeing moderate to heavy showers hitting the region. These showers continue to push the region rapidly eastwards with a front this morning.

In terms of the timing of the front crossing, it’s still mostly going well. If anything, the cold weather may arrive earlier than forecast.Must be completely through by 10am

The National Weather Service warned that temperatures could drop rapidly and roads and sidewalks could freeze.

“Temperatures drop rapidly to below freezing within an hour or two after the front passes,” the agency wrote.

A somewhat subjective assessment of the day’s weather on a scale of 0 to 10.

2/10Showers and snow can fall in the morning, after which temperatures plummet from the low 40s to 10s by sunset. Wind gusts approaching 40 to 50 mph for a while. Do you even notice the afternoon sun?

  • today: Light rain and light snow in the morning. the wind is strong. Highest: 40’s to 10’s (steep drop).
  • tonight: mostly clear. Frigid wind below freezing. Minimum value: 7-12.
  • tomorrow: Partly sunny with strong winds. Highs: 20s to his mid 20s.
  • Sunday: Mostly sunny, light breeze. Highest: Mid 20’s to near 30’s.

Today’s gusts reached at least around 40 mph and could reach 50 mph as the front passed through the area. Temperatures are dropping rapidly with these winds, so there may be a few patches of ice that freeze quickly, but no major problems are expected. Note that the temperature drops to near zero degrees by the end. Our coldest winds will bottom out at a few degrees below zero tomorrow night.

Arctic blast could quickly freeze DC on Friday, followed by gusty sub-zero winds

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Today (Friday): Temperatures drop throughout the day as the Arctic front passes in the morning. It’s nearly 40 degrees or more from sunrise to early morning, and by sunset he’s in his teens. Wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph blow as the front passes, possibly the strongest of any shower.

There are showers in the area — some heavy, some with thunder? It’s not impossible for someone to dust off quickly. Little to no build-up, but as the afternoon clears and dries out, patches of wet spots can quickly freeze (watch out for ice!).Confidence: Medium to High

tonight: Strong westerly winds may continue to blow around 30 mph. The wind chill drops below zero around sunset and near minus 10 in the morning. The sky is mostly clear. Actual minimum temperatures on the thermometer are in the high single digits west and northwest of town. Downtown he could stay at 10 degrees or slightly more. Please be careful when going out for a long time.Confidence: Medium to High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Westerly winds can still gust in excess of 25 mph and cross zero in the morning causing slow wind chills. Most spots should peak in the 20-25 degree range. (Washington, DC could match or surpass the record low temperature of 23 degrees Celsius since 1989.) The sky should be fairly clear, but clouds may form at noon. I have.Confidence: Medium to High

tomorrow night: The sky is mostly clear, so look for a sliver of crescent moon and Venus on the western horizon at dusk. We all have to go into our teens as the temperatures drop before dawn. Luckily the wind has eased a bit.Confidence: Medium to High

Christmas (Sunday): The sun is dominant, but the wind chill is still in the teens. At least with our “warming” trend, temperatures will rise from his mid-20s to nearly 30s. West and northwest gusts are a little weaker, but can occasionally reach speeds approaching 25 mph. If you need to go out, please continue to bundle up.Confidence: Moderate

Sunday night: As it is now, WNW winds are expected to weaken rapidly after sunset, and skies are expected to be mostly clear. The entire region should hit rock bottom in his teenage years. Blur. Keep tying up!Confidence: Moderate

Temperatures remain “warm” monday and tuesday, At least 30 is the highest. He could hit 40 degrees on Tuesday. Medium and high clouds will arrive late Monday and may continue through Tuesday. The light breeze and wind chill may be the mildest we’ve seen since the Arctic front passed. To.Confidence: Moderate

Learn more about the Capital Weather Gang’s Reliability Ratings here.

On a scale of 0 to 10, rate each day the likelihood of at least 1 inch of snow in the next week.

1/10 (): A snow shower on Friday morning could make the coating patchy. After that, there is nothing on the horizon.

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