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Couple sick of cars crashing into their house

Couple sick of cars crashing into their house

Couple sick of cars crashing into their house

Cars continue to crash into their homes, but a Christchurch couple doesn’t feel safe sitting in their lounge.

Kevin Zhou and Sherry Che purchased a home near the Halswell Junction Rd/Hamill Rd round about five years ago.

Christchurch City Council has yet to provide any assistance, even after a recent incident in which a car drove through the window of the lounge just five weeks ago, according to Andrey Moore, a local MP who is backing them. Is not …

I broke through the fence and took out part of the living room wall.

Zhou said the whole house shook and walls were removed when the car hit. He said the roundabout was poorly designed.

There have been at least six similar incidents at the facility since the roundabout was built.

Twelve months ago, the Waipuna-Hornby-Halswell-Riccarton Community Board called for improvements, but Moore said he is still awaiting a response.

Moore told the community board that the two had filed a complaint directly with the council over a year ago, and recently he personally wrote to the chief executive, who has yet to respond. said no.

“This is really, really poor and I really feel sorry for them,” Moore said. If he didn’t, he’d be in this room right now and yell at us.”

A city council spokesperson said yesterday that city council traffic engineers are investigating a solution to the problem and are considering various options, which will be presented to the community board for approval in early 2023. is the preferred option.

Once the preferred option has been finalized, we will update the Resident who originally expressed concern and solicit feedback on the option.

The couple had considered selling the house, but knowing the history, they knew it was unlikely anyone would buy it.

“That’s the dilemma we have to face,” said Che.

“Or will we continue to live here and put ourselves at risk?

Moore also showed members of the board a photo of the couple’s lounge with all the furniture moved to the center of the room.

He said he wasn’t sure what was wrong with the city council, but that the situation was unacceptable. .

“This is clearly a very serious safety issue,” he said.

The Greater Hornby Residents Association is also unhappy with the lack of action by city council officials on traffic and pedestrian safety issues in the area.

The association’s executive director, Ross Howliston, said city council officials acted in an almost obstructive manner when it came to the suburbs.

“They are ignoring everything,” he said.

“I know there is a huge backlog of traffic issues waiting to be addressed by city council officials.”

He said the region is a growth area with a lot going on.

“We are the largest community board in the country and we are still growing.

“I would love to see things go smoothly and see results, but I think staff capacity is limited. Add a traffic engineer to address the workload and backlog. I feel the need,” he said.

Former community committee chair Mike Mora is also complicit in the matter.

He said board staff regularly ignore board recommendations, sometimes even refusing to meet with elected members to discuss issues.

“It is time for the jockey to mount his horse, not the other way around,” he said.

The Community Board has now agreed to write to the Mayor and Chief Executive to seek advice on potential safety improvements at the Halswell Junction Road/Hamill Road Roundabout.

-Tony Simmons

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