Cloudy and calm today, rain and winds move in late tonight

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Bangor, Maine (WABI) – Overall today will be mild, cool and partly cloudy. Clouds will increase for the rest of the day as the high pressure moves east and strong winds and heavy rains move later tonight. The high temperature reaches his late thirties. The wind is light during the day and will be easterly tonight.

On Friday, a strong low pressure system cut in to the west, putting us on the warmer side of the storm, issuing the first weather warnings statewide. Being on the warmer side of the system, we expect to see most of the rain, but cooler pre-rain temperatures may allow for some mixed precipitation at the start, but we’ll see more rain in the south on Friday. It quickly turns to all rain to the north. Precipitation will start late tonight through early Friday morning and won’t abate until late Friday night. Southerly winds bring in warm air, bringing highs in the high 40s and low 50s for the day. Total rainfall appears to be in the range of 1 to 3 inches, combined with snowmelt and snow-covered sewers that can flood roads. In addition to flooding, strong winds of 50-60 mph inland and 60-70 mph along the coast are expected. This can cause trees and power lines to fall, and be prepared for widespread power outages.

The first weather warnings were issued for both inland and coastal communities on Friday.(Wabi)
Hazard from strong low pressure on Friday expected. Power outages and wind damage...
Hazard from strong low pressure on Friday expected. Power outages and wind damage are major concerns.(Wabi)

By Saturday morning it will be dry as the storm leaves the area. Behind the storm we see gusts of wind that bring cold air behind the system. Cold air behind the system could cause flash freezes on wet roads, smoothing out Saturday’s trip. . Highs on Christmas Eve and Christmas drop into the low 20s, with overnight lows in the low 10s.

Today: Mostly cloudy today. The highest value is between 25 and 37. Light and variable wind. Easterly wind tonight at 10-15 mph.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy precipitation will move from the south and east overnight, starting with a few flakes and transitioning to all rain overnight.

Friday: Morning snow and mixture turning south to north to rain. Heavy rain at times in the afternoon and evening. Very windy. It gets warmer with a maximum temperature of 40-50 degrees. Winds can reach 60 mph in most parts of the state and 70 mph in coastal areas.

Saturday: Mixed sun and clouds. Refreshing and cold. 20s to 30s is the best.

Christmas Day: Sun and clouds mingle. The maximum temperature is around 20 to 30 degrees.

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