China To End Quarantine For International Travel

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We are about to see some major changes in China’s international travel policy, which could have global implications…

China plans to end quarantine in January 2023

Since the pandemic began, China has taken the most stringent measures to control the number of cases and has pursued a COVID-zero strategy for nearly three years. Things are finally changing as China now deals with an out-of-control outbreak and a population weary of endless restrictions.

China no longer takes a zero-tolerance approach to the pandemic and travel restrictions are expected to ease significantly soon. We are reporting on major changes that are expected to take effect on

China is reportedly set to end quarantine requirements for international travelers. The country is considering a new “0+3” policy. This eliminates the need for travelers to stay in quarantine hotels or isolation facilities, and any arriving traveler will undergo three days of surveillance before she can travel. Countries without restrictions.

It is not yet clear what the three-day surveillance will look like and whether people will be required to stay at home. Adopted the “0 + 3” policy.

Current policy in China requires travelers to spend at least 5 days in a quarantine hotel or isolation facility before isolating at home. This already marks a significant easing of restrictions compared to when China called for his three-week quarantine at the facility.

China to lift ban on international travel

This has a big impact on travel

China is a vast country with an incredibly rich history and endless attractions. However, I personally have no interest in traveling to China at all.

  • I do not trust the government, and arbitrary restrictions may not be enforced anymore
  • I’m not going to travel to a place where I have to quarantine for days when the rest of the world more or less fully reopens
  • Because China has low immunity to the virus (between no infected people and the vaccine is not very effective), and the country is currently “broken”, I would like to avoid contracting the coronavirus. Just stay away.I’ve never noticed this before, so I’d like to keep it that way.

Nonetheless, it is undeniable that many people would like to travel to China (to see family and friends, for tourism or for business), so the opening up of China would be great news. .

Perhaps the bigger news is that with the easing of restrictions, travelers from China are much more likely to travel abroad again. With a population of 1.4 billion, China has a large outbound international travel market. Over the past three years, we have seen very few Chinese travelers traveling internationally. I think that will soon change as travel becomes practical again.

Demand for leisure surged during the pandemic, making hotel prices very high in many popular markets. Many of us assume that this trend will eventually slow down as the economy softens. But given that residents of the world’s most populous country will eventually be able to travel internationally again, I think this will impact demand, and thus prices, in many destinations.

Expectations for tourists from China around the world


China is expected to ease travel restrictions from January 2023. Exact details are still unknown, but it is said that the plan is to completely eliminate quarantine requirements at the facility. All this is happening as China moves from a zero-tolerance approach to the pandemic to a “break it down” approach.

I think this will have a big impact on world travel, whether you plan to travel to China or not.

What do you think will happen if China significantly eases travel restrictions?

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