Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes ‘lost mechanics in second half’ — clouding over record-setting day

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes further cemented his NFL record with 5,000 passing yards and 40 scoring throws this season in Sunday’s 27-24 win over the Denver Broncos.of Drew Brees is the only quarterback in NFL history to record these stats twice in one season..

But when Mahomes took to the post-game podium following his team’s 13th win of the season, the theme of his dialogue was the negative aspects of his play, specifically, making this game less than it should be. It was about some missed throws that brought us closer.

“I feel like I’ve lost my leg in the second half,” Mahomes admitted to reporters. “Then you missed deep throws whenever they were there. So when you’re playing a defense like this, you have to run them whenever they give you a chance I didn’t do that today.”

The self-critical quarterback got off to a good start, missing just one of his first 13 attempts. The end of these first throws resulted in a tight wrist flick to his end Travis Kels, earning Red a first down in his zone and Arrowhead chants of “MVP” from his stadium crowd. was given. This allowed the Chiefs to give him a two-point lead.

Over the next three snaps, Mahomes fired into the end zone each time, missing once. The final attempt was intercepted by Denver safety Justin Simmons and undercut a throw to the sidelines.

NFL: Denver Broncos of Kansas City Chiefs

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Mahomes still threw for three touchdowns and avoided turnovers for the rest of the day — but the minds of quarterbacks honing their skills for the postseason will likely be full of missed scoring opportunities. .

“It was a bad pitch overall,” Mahomes told reporters. “I mean, I put it really deep inside. I’m not even sure (wide receiver) (Justin) Watson could have caught this.

That inaccuracy became a theme, especially in the second half. The first drive of the third quarter was quickly doomed by his two serious failures of wide receiver Marquez his Valdez scantling and Sky his Moore.

On the next possession, Valdes-Scantling found space vertically again, but the pass was too out of bounds to reach, leading to a second punt. They soon made a third punt and a pass thrown behind Kelce running across the field made the headline.

“We lost the mechanics in the second half,” Mahomes recalled. “I was trying to find a way to get back on them. I think I’ve seen some finished pieces, but at least I felt like my legs weren’t in the right place. I was throwing off my hind legs.” I think you can have a hard time whenever you go into that mode, so you have to be good at fixing things like that in your game.

NFL: Denver Broncos of Kansas City Chiefs

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As Chiefs head coach Andy Reid described in his postgame press conference, the offensive “lull” saw the Broncos eventually take a 17-13 lead, with the third quarter ending. was able to hold it.

From there Kansas City woke up, scoring two touchdowns and outlasting Denver to reach the finish line. Reed put the entire 60-minute game in perspective when she spoke to reporters after the contest.

“My putt ended up going 29-of-42, but my passer rating was over 100 and I got 328 yards,” Reed said. “There are some plays that he definitely wants back, but that’s how picky we are. is what you do.”

Mahomes had already started learning from the game’s negatives, so the lead was spot on. He could rattle off certain things he hopes to improve before the playoffs come around.

“You have to get back to your fundamentals, especially as the season progresses,” Mahomes said. “Sometimes you get into funk and you have to find a way to fight through it. It was the same today, but you really emphasize your legs by throwing with a good base in your pocket. End of season.” It’s hard to get reps in these deep stuff because you can’t get a lot of reps but when you actually have reps make sure you throw them right By the way, don’t throw for completion, throw for touchdown.”

As frustrating as winning may have felt at times, it was the team’s best players who committed some of the most significant errors.

I know Mahomes finds his level when it matters most. It’s about being the best quarterback in football. Sunday’s frustration would be worth it in the postseason if it could be more consistently paired with impressive play from the wide receiver room.

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