CDOT says drivers should delay travel home from mountains until mid-day Monday

First Alert Weather Day Monday for Freezing Rain and Snow

First Alert Weather Day Monday for Freezing Rain and Snow


with snow on the western mountains From Sunday night to Monday morning, CDOT encouraged drivers to start the day slowly.

I-70 West Eisenhower Tunnel


Drivers heading east from the mountains returning home were advised to delay their trips before noon, when less impact is expected. Anyone who decided to travel early was encouraged to slow down.

Smooth roads were expected as snow was expected to spread eastward along the foothills, northern I-25 corridor, and adjacent plains.

According to CDOT, “Once plowing begins, the crew will apply solid deicing agents to help break up the snow and ice. Even with plowing and processing, roads keep drivers alert and prepared for dangerous driving conditions, especially when freezing rain is expected.”

CDOT tips for winter driving:

  • have the right tires
  • Have an emergency kit with extra blankets, clothing, food, water, batteries, flashlights and other essentials
  • Slowly: Don’t brake too hard.Keep a good following distance and don’t overtake the plow

When snow falls, crews first travel to I-25, I-70, I-270, I-225, C-470, I-76, US 285, US 6, and secondary routes, according to CDOTS Other major highways ahead.

Crews have been doing snow shifts on the I-70 mountain corridor from Golden to the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel since Dec. 28, and Denver subway crews will join the snow shift on Sunday night. I was planning to. They work 24/7 with his 12 hour shift.

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