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Cars set alight, anti-Arab graffiti sprayed in towns near Jerusalem

Cars set alight, anti-Arab graffiti sprayed in towns near Jerusalem

Militants set fire to dozens of vehicles and sprayed racist slogans in hate crime attacks in two locations near Jerusalem on Friday morning, police said.

Three vehicles were set ablaze in Abu Ghosh and two in Ein Nakba, causing severe damage.

I was not injured.

Graffiti was sprayed with slogans: “Enough of terrorist attacks, deport Arabs” and “Israeli people alive”.

Police said they were looking for a suspect for the nationalistically motivated arson.

Anti-Palestinian vandalism by Jewish extremists is common in the West Bank but slightly rarer in Israel.

Car set on fire in anti-Arab arson attack Nov. 24, 2022 (Israeli police)

Activists have expressed concern that recent election victories by far-right parties have emboldened extremists.

Incidents of vandalism against Palestinians and Israeli security forces are commonly referred to as “price tag” attacks, with perpetrators calling it retaliation for Palestinian violence or government policies considered hostile to the settler movement. .

Arrests of perpetrators are extremely rare, rights groups lament convictions even more unusual, and the majority of prosecutions in such cases are dropped.

The attack comes amid heightened tensions in the West Bank, two days after the deadly terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

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