Car Thieves Target Ruth’s Chris Valet Parking Again – NBC4 Washington

A luxury car was stolen twice in one week from the valet parking of Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Northwest DC.

Located in bustling downtown Washington, this restaurant offers valet service, where key chains are stored in a locked box. The squire said he used the tool to break into four of his cars, including a BMW sedan, with key fobs stolen.

The man whose BMW was stolen said he was watching a football game in a bar when he noticed the commotion on In the street, I saw an attendant being beaten. It took him a while before he realized it was his car they were in.

The squire said he got punched, but he’s doing fine.

Police say two cars were stolen on Christmas Day. One of them was later discovered.

“The vehicle that was recovered was actually recovered in District 6 some time later, but unfortunately it was on fire,” said Capt. Jeffrey Copp of the DC Police Department.

Police say key fobs usually have logos that tell thieves what kind of car to look for.

“From the key fobs there, it’s easy to determine that some of these cars were Mercedes, BMWs, stolen cars. It looks like it was probably a crime of opportunity,” Kopp said.

A spokesperson for Ruth’s Chris said in a statement that he was “extremely concerned.” We are working very quickly with third-party valet providers to double down on our security efforts and all options are under consideration. ”

Experts say that parking in a garage makes it harder for someone to steal your car, so drivers should ask an attendant where to park their car.

After the initial theft, News4 contacted Crystal Parking, which operates valet parking at the steakhouse. At the time, a representative said the company was working with police to provide victims with insurance information and work to strengthen security protocols.News4 reached out to Crystal Parking again on Monday to wait for an update. increase.

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