Buffalo Bills v. Cincinnati Bengals game postponed after Damar Hamlin on-field collapse


The NFL said Buffalo Bills safety Dumar Hamlin was in critical condition after collapsing on the field during the first quarter of a game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Hamlin fell on his back shortly after getting up from an open-field tackle on Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins.

Within 10 seconds of the collapse, the Bills’ team trainer began treating the player. In less than five minutes, an ambulance was on scene and CPR was administered, according to ESPN’s broadcast.

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“Hamlin received immediate medical attention at the scene by the team, independent medical staff and local paramedics. He was then taken to a local hospital, where he is in critical condition,” the NFL said. rice field. The league declined to provide any updates or details about Hamlin’s condition during late-night calls with reporters.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the game was postponed due to Hamlin’s medical emergency. The game was stopped at 5:58 of the first quarter.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association have agreed to postpone the game, according to an NFL statement. NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent said at a press conference that neither the team’s coaches nor the players asked him to continue playing.

“I haven’t seen anything like it since I played,” said Vincent. How do you resume play after watching real-time events?”

CNN reached out to Bills for comment.

Hamlin collides with Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins just before he goes down.

Some of Hamlin’s teammates decided to stay in Cincinnati, and the rest of the team returned to Buffalo on Tuesday morning, Vincent said.

Bills wide receiver Stephon Diggs arrived at the University of Cincinnati Hospital where Hamlin was being treated late Monday night, ESPN’s broadcast showed.

Hamlin has appeared in every game this season. The 24-year-old from Pennsylvania joined the Bills in the sixth round of the 2021 draft after playing for the University of Pittsburgh in the 2016-20 season.

According to his Pittsburgh Panthers player bio, he wore a red shirt in 2016 due to injury. rice field.

On Monday night, Hamlin was inundated with overwhelming support from fans and players across the sports community.

NFL Players Association murmured Monday night, the organization and “everyone in our community are praying for Dummer Hamlin.”

“We are in contact with the Bills and Bengals players, as well as the NFL. The only thing that matters at this point is Damar’s health and well-being,” the players association said.

Los Angeles Lakers basketball player LeBron James has praised the decision to postpone the game after a medical emergency.

“It’s definitely the right decision,” he said Monday night after the Lakers-Charlotte Hornets game, adding, “In all sports, player safety is always paramount. It was terrible to watch.”

“My thoughts and prayers go up to that boy’s family, him, the NFL brotherhood, and everyone who is part of the NFL family.

Several stars include Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and free agent Odell Beckham Jr. Good luck and prayers have come from the athletes.

Arizona Cardinals defensive end JJ Watt said, “The game doesn’t matter. Dummer Hamlin’s life matters. It’s okay. Please.”

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