Blizzard conditions on the way for many Thursday into Friday

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10 am update

Gusts of wind will replace snow on Thursday. Winds will increase to 20-25 mph in Southwest Minnesota, gusting to 30 mph. Friday’s winds will pick up even more. Early morning wind chill on Thursday and Friday ranges from -30°C to -45°C.

Blizzard conditions occur in many regions

Many areas saw significant fresh snow. Totals ranged from about 4 to 8 inches around the Twin Cities and central Minnesota. Some parts of the North Shore around Tofte and Lutsen had legs visible. Here are the totals so far:

snow report 10a

Total snowfall by Thursday morning

National Weather Service

The map below is a broader smoothed version of total snowfall. Some of the tallest are found in the Twin Cities area. Higher amounts around the North Shore are not yet reflected in this overnight analysis.

Snowfall analysis

Extensive snowfall analysis from Wednesday to early Thursday morning

NOAA via Pivotal Weather

Snow showers will remain in the Arrowhead area on Thursday with more snow. A more scattered light snow shower is likely on Friday, but the bigger problem is a snowstorm.

Precipitation 10a

Precipitation forecast for Thursday to Friday

DuPage University Meteorological Institute

Additional snowfall will be limited to most of Minnesota’s Far East.

Adol Snow

More snow forecast for Thursday

National Weather Service

Blizzard warnings are in effect for much of Minnesota from noon through the afternoon and evening, with increasing winds and reduced visibility as a result of snowstorms.

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in advance

Blizzard and winter storm warnings go into effect Thursday for snowstorm and dangerous wind chill values

National Weather Service

Gusts will be strongest in southwestern Minnesota on Thursday, with gusts in the range of 25 to 35 miles per hour.

thursday gust loop

Thunderstorms forecast for Thursday

DuPage University Meteorological Institute

High temperatures on Thursday will remain below freezing throughout the day across the state.

Thursday afternoon

Highest temperatures forecast for Thursday

National Weather Service

Wind chill values ​​are between -25 and -40 degrees, making it dangerously cold. In these conditions, exposed skin can freeze in just minutes.

tree cold afternoon

Colder winds forecast for early Thursday

National Weather Service

Winds will pick up further on Friday, with gusts of 40 mph in southern Minnesota and potential over 50 mph on the North Shore.

gold gust loop

Thunderstorms forecast for Friday

DuPage University Meteorological Institute

Friday morning will be dangerously cold again, and could get even colder.

Gold Chill PM

Cooler winds forecast for early Friday

National Weather Service

Temperatures remain very cold with freezing temperatures through Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon, high temperatures will be above freezing in the south. This frigid Arctic air will finally leave after Sunday, allowing warm air to return to the region.

temporary loop

Temperatures will be milder from Thursday through the middle of next week as the Arctic air moves away.

NOAA via Pivotal Weather

By Wednesday, high temperatures could exceed freezing in much of southern Minnesota.

Wednesday high

Highest temperatures forecast by next Wednesday

National Weather Service

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