Americans Can Now Scan Their Way Into Cancun For Faster Immigration

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Mexican authorities are determined to make it easier for Americans to travel abroad for an annual vacation. As of January, U.S. Passport holders are officially allowed to use e-Gates Land at the best vacation spots in the Mexican Caribbean. Essentially, this means they can enter faster by simply scanning their way into Cancun.

Americans can expedite immigration to Cancun in 2023

Cancun International Airport is breaking all kinds of records heading into the new year. After witnessing an unusual spike in daily arrivals in the final months of 2022, the total number of visitors exceeded 30 million in 12 months (more than any other coastal hub in Mexico). many). it is now 2023 will be historic and busier.

Luckily, those who want to soak up the sun can quickly leave the airport and relax in the poolside lounges. Contrary to initial expectations:

Americans are now eligible to use e-Gates arriving in Cancun

Close up of US passport in front pocket of male American traveler, reaching out for international travel

After months of preparation, officials at the Cancun airport launched a new electronic immigration system in hopes of speeding up ID checks and increasing security at the Mexican border amid a surge in incoming travellers. was finally launched.But What does this actually mean for Americans on vacation?

This means that valid passport holders are eligible to use the new self-service kiosks arriving from the United States, Canada, or other low-risk origins*.Among other things, this measure minimizes waiting times and allows tourists to Smoothest experience possible Travel to Cancun.

*At the moment I don’t know if this is the case. all Visa-exempt foreigners arriving in Mexico

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Male traveler wearing face mask while checking in for flight at airport

Historically, Cancun International Airport has been Mexico’s busiest airport. In many cases, congestion in the arrivals hall could not be contained and was operating well beyond capacity during peak season. Not to mention the bureaucracy faced by travelers at the border.

When it comes to e-Gates, Mexico’s strict immigration laws notoriously prohibit the use of digital machines to process international visitors. This technology has been available for decades, but the kiosks remained off at Cancun International. Safe to use and streamline screening.

Close shot of automated border or airport check-in gate

With the implementation of digital borders, the processing of information is only 30 secondsa promising finding that may have inspired the government to change its stance and take further steps to improve passenger satisfaction.

Airport transfers will also be much more efficient.

Traveling to Cancun has never been easier

Cancun Airport exterior area with licensed taxi signs, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

for large scale construction The boulevard that connects the airport to downtown Cancun has significantly reduced traffic congestion, allowing vacationers to get to and from the airport without stress. As you can see, the deployment of e-Gates is just the latest in a series of measures designed to improve the quality of service within the zone.

It’s worth noting that this is conditional Successful e-Gate scanTo avoid blocking queues or contacting airport staff for help, Americans should:

Passengers transiting at Cancun Airport
  • carry a machine-readable biometric passport
  • Remove sunglasses, hats, or other accessories that may interfere with biometric checks
  • open passport with Information page (Where photos and personal information are listed)
  • Step into a foot-shaped marking on the floor
  • Place your passport and boarding pass on the scanner and look up at the screen in front of you

Unless you have been selected for spot checks, if you have followed all the steps above, The border gate should open as soon as you scan itDuring the transition period, you may need to speak to an immigration officer to have your passport stamped to prove you have entered Mexico. legal.

US passport stamped at border control

However, border patrols around the world are slowly being replaced by e-Gates. Tech hesitancy has faded and has proven to be a useful tool for staffing constraints. Elsewhere, Americans are already scanning their passports for faster entry at some airports. some European countriesEngland, France, Italy etc.

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