Alabama’s Bryce Young, Will Anderson Jr., Jahmyr Gibbs announce they intend to enter 2023 NFL Draft

His size, listed by the school as 6 feet and 194 pounds, could be a point of contention leading up to this year’s draft (April 27-29 in Kansas City, Missouri). The smallest first-round quarterback in recent history was Cardinals’ Kyler Murray, who weighed in at 5-10 1/8 and 207 pounds at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine.

Anderson will lead FBS with 17.5 sacks in 2021, followed by another 10 sacks and six picks in 2022. He finished his Tide career with the Crimson with 62 tackles and 34.5 sacks over three seasons (41 games).

The 6-4, 243-pound (school measurements) linebacker was primarily a pass rusher on Nick Saban’s defense and was one of the best Sabans have ever had for Alabama. Defender also runs.

If there’s a consistent knock against Anderson, it’s that he missed a tackle and left meat on his bones. PFF said he had 36 missed tackles in his career, averaging one miss per game. In 2022 alone, Anderson has missed 14 of his tackles for each of his PFFs.

But his pass rush juice and ready-to-go athletic traits make Anderson a much-coveted analyst Daniel Jeremiah studied three game tapes for the 2021 season. Later, he was likened to Von Miller of the Bills.

Gibbs shares some skills with Alvin Kamara of the Saints, and looks a lot like him when it comes to running and catching the ball. Has a compelling three-down skill set. He moved from Georgia Tech earlier this season and set career-highs in rushing yards (926), yards per carry (6.1) and rushing TDs (7) for 444 yards where he caught 44 passes and I scored 3 goals.

As juniors (all three players are juniors), they must waive any remaining college football eligibility by giving written notice to the NFL by January 16.

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