2023 Travel Trends: Trains, Retreats, and Sustainability

Sustainable travel will increase in 2023, and rail travel will become more popular.

Inside an Italian business class car.

Joey Hadden/Insider

Virtuoso, a global travel company focused on experiences and luxury, recently found that 74% of customers were willing to spend more money on sustainable travel, and 70% I discovered that I think travel brings a better experience.

Some ways to travel more sustainably include finding hidden gems, packing less, staying in local accommodation and traveling by train instead of flight, Insider has previously reported. increase.

“It’s asking yourself, ‘How can we make small decisions that add up over time and have a positive impact on the world?'” Informing travelers to help them improve Kelley Louise, executive director and founder of the Impact Travel Alliance, a nonprofit focused on she told an insider.

Travelers are not only motivated by sustainability, but also interested in the aesthetics of train travel. Pinterest Predicts says rail travel, more beautiful, more comfortable and greener than air travel, will boom in 2023, according to its annual report on next year’s trends based on data analysis from users. Expected. .

According to the data, from September 2020 to September 2022, the pin count of “Aesthetics of train travel” on Pinterest was 205%, “Aesthetics of train travel” was 40%, and “Aesthetics of Interrail Europe” was 105% increase.

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