1 officer killed, 1 wounded in Pennsylvania shooting

A Brackenridge police officer was shot dead on Monday and another was injured, police said. Police said the suspect was shot dead by police late at night.

Allegheny County Police Superintendent Christopher Kearns encountered a suspect police wanted Monday night, identified as 28-year-old Aaron Lamont Swann, and engaged in a foot chase that lasted several hours. There were two shooting incidents in the area.

In one incident, a policeman was shot in the head and died, Kearns said.The officer who died has not been publicly identified, but sources Identified him to CBS Pittsburgh Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntyre, who has been Chief of Police since 2018.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro murmured“Police Chief Justin McIntyre ran into danger to keep Pennsylvanians safe — and he made the ultimate sacrifice in serving his community.”

Another officer was then shot in the leg in a second incident. The officer was taken to a hospital and is in stable condition, Kearns said.

Police said the suspect was injured but was able to escape after hijacking a car. After police found the stolen car, the suspect led them on another chase. Police said he fled into the woods after the crash. He then walked out of the woods into a clearing of a housing complex where he opened fire on police officers, Kearns said Monday night. According to Kearns, the officers returned fire and killed Swann.

Police said the owner of the carjacked vehicle was not injured.

Swann was originally wanted for suspected weapons violations while on probation, and police ran into him on Sunday night, but was able to escape after a chase.

Brackenridge is located in Allegany County, a few miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

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